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The Kweens

Who We Are

Natalia Foreman

Founding Kween

Natalia has over 5 years of classroom and school leadership experience. A SUNY New Paltz alum, she gained her Bachelors as an adolescent English content specialist and Masters of Science in Education for literacy. Driven by the inequities within school systems, she cultivated Curriculum Kweens as an opportunity to support youth-driven spaces through curriculum, coaching, consulting, and community engagement


Krys Alphonso

Creative Kween

Krystina is not only an educator but a rapper, songwriter, activist, and entrepreneur from East New York Brooklyn. Academically trained to educate in urban schools through a nationally renowned graduate program, she currently teaches middle school science. In addition to curating learning experiences in the classroom, Krystina educates through her music, businesses, and partners with school districts to support their journeys in creating equitable spaces for youth scholars to thrive. 


Pam Segura

Healing Kween

Pam Segura (she/her) is an Afro-Latinx educator who lives and works in the Bronx. Between her nonprofit and public school teaching experience, Pam has been working closely with young adults for nearly ten years. When she's not teaching, you can catch her running, listening to music, and hanging out with loved ones. 

Nikita Patel 

Radiant Kween

This Kween is an ELA and Civics Special Educator at the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering for the last 10 years. She moonlights at Stanford’s Hollyhock Program as a History Instructional Coach. She is fiercely proud of being the product of immigrants, the blocks of Queens and all the steel that New York City imbues in you. She writes maudlin poetry on love and friendship and loves the community of warm, irreverent and radiant people.


Argentina Campbell

Nurturing Kween

Argentina Campbell-Cintron is entering her 9th year as an English Language Arts teacher. She earned her English Education B.S. at the University at Albany and her M.A. in Adolescent Education from Hunter College. The roots of her career are firmly grounded in the Bronx, New York. Argentina has led the efforts in her school to vertically align curriculum and instructional strategies in the efforts to build cultural competence and empower both students and teachers. Leading and learning in this profession has truly motivated Argentina to work towards re-imagining and redefining education alongside fellow Kweens across the nation. When not teaching or facilitating, you can find her traversing the city with family or engaging in some revolutionary conversations around motherhood.

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